Rebellious Son

Book Two of the Spy Devils coming Fall 2022

Bridger and his Spy Devils are back doing what they do best—hunting and exposing terrorists, criminals, and foreign intelligence operations. That changes when bomb-laden drones kill drug traffickers in Europe. The evidence points toward Specter known as “The Bombmaker,” the infamous terrorist who was thought to be long retired.

When a dying Wes Henslow, the aged founder of CIA’s counterterrorism center learns his nemesis is active again he asks Bridger to help him find the only terrorist that alluded him during his long career. Bridger agrees, but May, his mother, and CIA handler, orders Bridger not to help her old friend.

Puzzled, Bridger ignores her constant pressure and a relentless international game of cat and mouse begins that leads them through Yemen, Israel, Libya, and across Europe. Specter’s deadly bomb spree continues and Bridger’s urgency increases as he discovers Specter may have access to radioactive materials. What Bridger doesn’t count on is the Spy Devils being hunted themselves.

Battling drug traffickers, foreign intelligence services, and themselves, Bridger’s decisions will determine who will live or die…

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