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‘Fake News’ course comes to COD courtesy of ex-CIA agent. Daily Herald. August 26, 2020.

“Wheaton resident Joe Goldberg was taken aback when he was asked to create a new course on fake news for the College of DuPage.

“Your first reaction is, ‘You’re kidding, because it’s a huge topic,’” said Goldberg, an adjunct professor who teaches other mass communication classes at the Glen Ellyn-based school.”

The Team House. YouTube, August 7th, 2020.

Joe Goldberg is a former CIA officer who specialized in disinformation and propaganda operations. In this episode we talk about his recruitment into the CIA, a massive deception operation he ran against Libya by producing a fake video, CIA anti-communist campaigns, then going to work in corporate intelligence with Motorola.


Ep. 469 -Former CIA Officer Joe Goldberg

Joe Goldberg, former CIA agent joins the program for a great conversation about his time working in the CIA.  Joe talks about starting off as a “video librarian” in the 80’s, how he gathered open sourced information before the internet took off, how the 24 hour news cycle has changed the world we live in today.  He explains how his job was to create messages to tell the truth in their own way, how they managed to attract viewers to their messages, using music to help spread awareness, how they tried to prevent blowback against America when creating these videos, his thoughts on the 2016 election regarding Russia’s involvement, the naivety of the American public in regards to influence outside of America, and how to create a headline that “sticks.”  Joe also shares why he decided to write historical fiction novels.  Be sure to read Joe’s novels wherever books are sold.

Newsflash!  Chicago’s Daily Herald February 2015 article on Secret Wars .… “The realism in Wheaton author’s ‘Secret Wars’ is no accident – Joe Goldberg says it’s based on his experiences as a CIA agent.”

And hot off the presses, Secret Wars was busy gathering media attention in December!, targeting DuPage, Cook, Will, Lake, McHenry and Kane Counties in the Chicago Suburbs ran an interview by reporter Nathan Lurz to discuss the book. Click here to read how it fits into today’s conversation about terrorism and intelligence.

And Joe’s home state paper,, located in the Cedar Valley in Iowa, ran an article entitled “Waterloo native, former CIA employee, taps experience in new book.”

Joe reports that Secret Wars returns to the top 10 in overall sales in its category! He says, “Thank you. Word of mouth seems to be growing. Tell your friends. And if you have a moment to add a few words or stars to an on-line review that would be greatly appreciated!”

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