Espionage Thoughts: A Beginning

Posted on Oct 27, 2014 in Author Thoughts ....


The journey that led to this being published, in any fashion, is almost a book in its own right. Secret Wars: An Espionage Story was first researched and written from 1999–2001, the nascent Internet days, when libraries, bookstores, and other “analog” resources were still the best means available to get information. On September 11, 2001, the working drafts were in proper format, the cover letter had been meticulously crafted, and all of it was bundled in nice packages ready to be taken to the post office. After the attack, I pulled out the cover letters and rewrote them with the theme, “If there isn’t an interest in terrorism now, there never will be.”

Agents and publishers disagreed, despite a few kind comments.

In 2001, publish on demand was basically a phantom concept, so Secret Wars languished for years in hard copy and on hard drives until January 2014. Then, what I took as several not-to-be-ignored coincidences, perhaps omens, motivated me. They lit a fire of remotivation in me.

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