Author’s Note for Secret Wars

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A few more comments.

My mantra while writing this was to be as accurate as I could without going to prison. By signed secrecy agreement, which I wholeheartedly concur with, this manuscript was sent to the CIA’s Publications Review Board for review and approval. I worried, back in 2001, that they would redact some of the details. I was happy when it was approved for publication, but surprised, perhaps a little disappointed, that not one word was changed.

With this said, I must state: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to anyone, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

There are real historical events inside—the bombings in Rome, Vienna, and Berlin; the bombing of Tripoli; and military actions in the Gulf of Sidra, among others. I did my best to be as historically accurate as possible in the context of my work of fiction, starting in 1999 and a decade and a half later, with digital access to newspapers, scholarly reports, news reports, and websites. Any actions or conversations of the few actual people are totally my creations, paraphrased themes from speeches, or direct quotes.

Real people suffered, fought, and died for freedom, and it would be irresponsible to devalue any of their actions or memories.

Real people have also been with me on this journey since the beginning or were born into it: Lynda, Jessica, Sarah, Ben. Thanks.

So here it is, finally. Not Hemingway, but what I hope you will enjoy as a good story. An espionage story.


Joe Goldberg

Summer 2014

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